i did what tons of black women across the world wouldnt imagine doing:

i went a month and a half without brushing or combing my hair

pretty awkward decision to just say fuck it to your hair, but it felt good and right. 

and wouldnt you know it, i got 20+ dreads forming on their own with no direction.

Most of them tend to be the same size, but i have some cute small ones in the front. 

it was really easy on account of my lazy and it feels kinda cool to have them now


Im incredibly fickle when it comes to my hair, 

I kinda want it to be straight now

i started taking them out,

3 hours got two untangled =|

should i just leave them in?

or do have any tips to untangle them? 


Posted: Wed December 19th, 2012 at 10:52pm
Tagged: hair advice hair dreads natural hair color
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  3. lifeofalifescientist said: buy some cheep conditioner and slap it on for some slip. should make things easier.
  4. mshoneybeehave said: Leslie……lmao, why don’t you just dread your hair woman!? Make it simple. Be like Tyree and have your dreads swinging? I think you would look nice with dreadies 😜
  5. babeobaggins said: cover your hair in conditioner for a longggg time them try to get them out, it should be easier.
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